Our Pastry Chef on TV

Our Pastry Chef Jenna Leurquin was featured on live AZTV on Monday June 18th 2018 to demonstrate how she makes pie doughs and some of her best pie tips.

Although Phoenix has been warming up for a few months already, summer has only just begun and what a better way to celebrate than with refreshing organic fruit pies. By beating the heat and going to the farmer’s market early morning on Saturdays, you may find incredible summer fruits such as berries, rhubarb, peaches, plums, cherries and many more! Once you’ve got your favorite fruits on hands, there are so many goodies you can do with them; pies, salads, jams, mousses, sorbets, smoothies, sauces, etc.

On the Daily Mix Live show, Jenna Leurquin wanted to highlights all of the wonderful pies you could create with your favorite fruits. But has she said it: “it all starts with a good golden flaky crust”. Once you have that nice golden crust, you can let your imagination take the lead and create all kind of pies with all kinds of fruits (even the fruits you would not expect such as rhubarb or kiwi or even dragon fruit (you may need to google that one;)).

So what does it take to create a good crust? First of all, it starts with quality raw ingredients; at JL Patisserie, we like to use french imported butter, Maldon sea salt flake, organic eggs sourced from a local farm, organic nut flour and organic all purpose or gluten free flour. (We will be sharing the pie crust recipe on our next post so stay tuned ;))

Once all ingredients are combined, we make sure not to over work the dough to avoid creating elasticity and unbreakable bonds in the gluten protein – This will allow the dough to roll out nicely but also to be digested more easily.

Jenna Leurquin also recommends pre-baking the crust, this will allow you to have perfect control over the coloration and flakiness of your pie crust. Once baked, have fun filling your pie crust with jams, whipped cream, pastry cream, roasted fruits, fresh fruits, poached fruits, etc. You may even combine 2 or 3 fruits or flavors together such as rhubarb and strawberries, peaches and rosemary, raspberries and pistachios, pineapple and coconut, or even mango, yuzu and hazelnut (the chef’s favorite). The point is to just have fun creating something that is refreshing, healthy and will leave everyone wanting more.

So if you want to impress your guest at your next BBQ or just enjoy a beautiful refreshing pie with your family, check out our exclusive summer pie selections (available till supplies last) or follow our chef’s amazing tips given on AZTV Daily Mix at: https://www.aztv.com/posts/summer-pies