Cookies: Chocolate chip and double chocolate (Online Class)


Learn how to confection gooye, fudgey, luxurious chocolate chips and double chocolate cookies from scratch



Our cookies sell out daily – in store and online. This masterclass will guide you through one step at a time how to create gooye, soft French style cookies.

This cookie class is a comprehensive, easy to follow, step by step guide to the art of cookie making. If you always wanted to bake perfect cookies like the professionals or you are looking to upgrade your baking skills, this is the course for you.

you will learn how to effortlessly bake delicious, soft, moist and indulgent cookies and more importantly how to avoid all the common mistakes everyone makes while baking cookies, so you will never have a failed cookie again.

With this failed proof, tried and tested recipes you will learn how to:

· Bake seven different cookies using different common baking techniques.

· learn how to bake the perfect soft cookie.

This class will include the recipe of our best selling cookies including:

– Chocolate chip

– Double chocolate

– Chocolate Caramel to scoop in the cookies