At Jenna Leurquin Patisserie, each order is unique. Our vocation is to accompany you to your desires. Our Corporate Relations Team is here to listen, in order to elaborate a bespoke offer just for you. Welcome to Jenna Leurquin’s unique world of tastes, sensations, and pleasures.


JL Patisserie would love to be a part of your special day! We cater weddings and will take you step by step to pick out the wedding cake or dessert of your dreams. Find more information on our wedding page


Cater your event

Offer a unique gourmet experience to your guests whichever event or reception you may host. We partner with some of the finest catering companies in the valley to provide a full menu option. From appetizers to grand finale desserts, we can elevate your event’s dining experience.

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Personalized Desserts

If you are looking for personalized sweets, pastries, cakes or desserts, we are here for you!

Jenna Leurquin will create a unique and original recipe that reflects your personality. It all begins with a confidential interview with her. A personal analysis is conducted on your preferences during which you are invited to indulge and freely conjure up flavors, aesthetics, preferences, desires. We then design creations reflecting your highest expectations. Whether it be birthdays, baby showers, corporate parties, wedding or any other type of event, we will advise and elaborate with you the animation that best corresponds to your events, and will help make your event one your guests will always remember. Discover our gallery page for inspiration and reference.

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If you’re looking to complement your high-end services with our high-quality products, we can work together to create a rotating selection that best fits your needs. We got you, JL Patisserie makes rounds every morning around the valley, supplying small and local coffee shops. Our viennoiserie and pastries pair perfectly well with the coffee and beverages your shop specializes in.

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